Consumer Asset Finance

After dedicating your efforts to building a successful career or business, there comes a moment when you might wish to reward yourself with something truly enjoyable. We can assist with financing a diverse range of luxury items, such as classic cars or motorbikes, motorhomes, boats, light aircraft, or even exquisitely handcrafted shotguns. Whatever your desire may be, we are here to help you turn it into a reality. Let us assist you in making your dreams come true.

What do we finance?

Apart from life’s indulgences, Integrity Asset Finance provides financing for a variety of consumer purchases, from boats, luxury yachts and cruisers to light aircraft, motorhomes and more. Typically, Integrity Asset Finance spreads the cost of these purchases over two to five years, but in suitable cases, repayment terms can extend up to ten years. Contact us to explore how we can assist you in financing these assets.

  • Motorhomes and Caravans
  • Yacht Finance
  • Light Aircraft Finance
  • Volkswagen Camper Conversions
  • Sports Boats and Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) Finance

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