Caravan Park Infrastructure Finance

Planning on upgrading your facilities? If you run a caravan park, the costs for keeping various aspects of your operations up and running will be all too familiar. We can help you to finance the upgrades you need to maintain and improve your caravan park and its various facilities.

Integrity Asset Finance is very familiar with the process and steps that need to be undertaken when looking to finance your caravan park, and are able to offer a range of finance products that may be suitable. We take the time to understand your circumstances and plans, and aim to offer an affordable solution.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Caravans & Lodges

We provide finance for caravans and lodges for individual consumers and for commercial purposes. The types of lodges we finance include log cabins, leisure lodges, timber lodges and caravan derived lodges from a wide range of manufacturers.

Refinance Options

If you already own a caravan park, Integrity Asset Finance can help you with any refinancing you may need. Refinance is a finance facility offering a quick way for you to access the value of your asset and spend the money where you really need it. Refinancing allows you to unlock the finances you need to carry out this work. If you would like to release equity in an asset nearing the end of its finance agreement, contact us to find out more about the refinancing options we offer.

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