Finance for Land & Buildings

Integrity Asset Finance can provide tailored long term rural finance via farm loans and mortgages.

Flexible mortgage structured to enable you to buy farmland, farm buildings and invest into existing infrastructure or expand your current farming operations.

What is an agricultural mortgage?

An agricultural mortgage is a type of loan that is designed to meet your longer-term financial requirements. Typically suited for businesses wishing to borrow over £25,000 and can be used for a variety of reasons including:

  • Buying land
  • Equity release to support your farming business
  • Renewable energy
  • Diversification projects
  • Succession planning

Agricultural loans and mortgages offer competitive funding for your farm to provide the finance you require for your business to support your long-term plans.

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What type of Agricultural loans are available?

  • Agricultural MortgageA long-term loan that can be used to buy a farm, farm buildings, or land to extend your existing farm.
  • Development loans & diversification loansUsed to add or improve existing infrastructure such as grain sheds/storage, feed stores, silos, barns, green energy projects.
  • Working capital loansShort-term borrowing to support your immediate cashflow needs.
  • VAT LoansShort term loans to support the management of VAT bills.

Farm mortgages could be available over periods from 1-30 years and payments can be structured to meet your business cashflow, Payments can normally be made either monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can also choose either fixed or variable rates and either a capital and repayment or interest only. Lenders will take a legal charge over the property or land as security and there will be loan to value (LTV) requirements depending on the product and use of the loan or mortgage.

We can support your rural finance needs through our panel of lenders including, Barclays, AMC, Agri Bank and Natwest. This list is not exhaustive, we work with multiple funders to enable us to work with our customers to ensure that your needs are matched with the most appropriate funder to support your business requirements.

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