Caravan & Lodge Finance

We provide finance for caravans and lodges for individual consumers and for commercial purposes. The types of lodges we finance include log cabins, leisure lodges, timber lodges and caravan derived lodges form a wide range of manufacturers.

What do we finance?

  • Caravans for individuals
  • Lodges for individuals
  • Lodges for commercial use
Photo by Thomas Le on Unsplash

When you own your own caravan or holiday lodge, summer getaways are even easier – and in fact, you know you have somewhere you can go to if you need a break at any time of the year. A caravan or holiday lodge can provide rest and relaxation for all the family, but many people need a little help with funding this investment. That’s where Integrity Asset Finance comes in.

We are very familiar with the process and steps that need to be undertaken when looking to finance either a caravan or a holiday lodge and can offer a range of finance products that may be suitable. We take the time to understand an individual’s circumstances and plans and aim to offer an affordable solution.

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